That time I wrote the obligatory year-end post

On Twitter there was a post going around asking people to list their top three accomplishments for the year. Easy peasy, I thought.

  1. I had my novel, The Music of Love, published.
  2. I completed my second novel, Santa’s Last Gift. It’s with the publisher and (fingers crossed) will be accepted for publication — at the end of next year. Merry holidays, indeed.
  3. Now I had to stop and think. A few things came to mind, although I wouldn’t call them all accomplishments. Some were good things that happened to my kids. But in the end, I guess I should credit myself for Noodle.


Readers have heard of the trials and tribulations of getting Noodle, now 13 months old. It’s been a huge adjustment and I don’t know that I’m there yet. She tops 60 pounds now and nearly pulled me down when she tugged suddenly. But her lack of obedience is more on us than her. The goals for 2019 include better training.

So that’s last year. What’s coming? I’m percolating an idea for a young adult novel. Stay tuned.

To everyone who read my book this year, a huge thank you. To those who wrote a review a big hug.

Happy New Year!


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