That time I wrote the obligatory year-end post II

So in honor of last year’s first such post I think I’ll stick to the top three of the previous year theme.

  1. I had my second novel, Santa’s Last Gift published.
  2. I dealt with an illness. Not going into that here and now. Maybe another post.
  3. I discovered The Mandalorian and the joy that is Baby Yoda


I know there are some naysayers. To them I say, “Humbug!” Look at that face, those eyes, that little wobble. How can you not?

Next year, there will be deliberate working on said health, and more writing. Likely a bunch of research on publishers. Might even go the independent route.

Noodle update: She’s now 25 months and weighs 68 lbs. I own a big dog. Stranger words have never been written.

A huge thanks to everyone who read my book and extra hugs for leaving a review. Watch this space for more writing news.

This is the way.


That time I was accused of being a murderer

Once upon a time in a land far away, a young woman bought her first new car. This shiny 2000 vehicle was much beloved and pampered. The sunroof was regularly polished to allow the beams to penetrate her fair hair. Special mats were purchased from the land of Toyota to protect the carpeting. And power windows might have been opened and closed just because.

Fast forward two decades.


While the Corolla served its owner well and was rewarded with limited mileage there were changes that time wrought that could not be undone. The car’s underbelly was corroding. Things like mufflers simply fell off. Repairs were made but, alas, neatness went. From weekly hand washes, to weekly drive through car washes, to we’ll get it washed when we get around to it, to well … it’s an old car anyway. Grime formed. The now not-so-young woman had a husband and children and work and even sometimes writing to manage. The car sunk in priority until it became nothing more than some wheels and a loud engine.

Along the way an odd assortment of detritus found its way into the small trunk. One can’t know the origins. An over-sized umbrella. A rope. A white towel with strange brown stains. A black cloth. Individually, they represent nothing. But lumped together they garnered a deadpan, “You must be a murderer,” from the woman’s teenage daughter.

Was she caught? Were those rope fibers or hair fibers? Was it dirt or dried blood?

This writer is not telling.


That time I forgot to mention my new book deal

So here’s the thing. I’ve had fantastic news to share for some time, but I derailed. Santa’s Last Gift will be published by Dreamspinner as part of their Dreamspun Desire imprint in December. No exact publication date yet, but we’ve gone through editing and a cover and I’m delighted. They are wonderful partners.

Why the delay in sharing the good news? Well, I had a serious illness setback. But this isn’t the journal entry where I’m going to talk about that. I’m doing okay and hope to have several more books to write and share. The situation is still ongoing so I’m tired. That means I haven’t been able to start writing about the blue-haired boy and his reticent Marine. Although they really are shouting in my head to tell their story.


There’s also the story of the beauty that met a beast that I want to offer up. Where neither the beauty nor the beast are what they seem.

Share back if you love urban fantasies. They are certainly among my personal faves.

And for those craving Noodle news – she weighs 63 pounds now and is 19 months old.

Hope your summer is shiny and bright. And if you haven’t picked up The Music of Love yet — well, it’s excellent beach reading.

That time I wrote the obligatory year-end post

On Twitter there was a post going around asking people to list their top three accomplishments for the year. Easy peasy, I thought.

  1. I had my novel, The Music of Love, published.
  2. I completed my second novel, Santa’s Last Gift. It’s with the publisher and (fingers crossed) will be accepted for publication — at the end of next year. Merry holidays, indeed.
  3. Now I had to stop and think. A few things came to mind, although I wouldn’t call them all accomplishments. Some were good things that happened to my kids. But in the end, I guess I should credit myself for Noodle.


Readers have heard of the trials and tribulations of getting Noodle, now 13 months old. It’s been a huge adjustment and I don’t know that I’m there yet. She tops 60 pounds now and nearly pulled me down when she tugged suddenly. But her lack of obedience is more on us than her. The goals for 2019 include better training.

So that’s last year. What’s coming? I’m percolating an idea for a young adult novel. Stay tuned.

To everyone who read my book this year, a huge thank you. To those who wrote a review a big hug.

Happy New Year!

That time I had my whole family over for Thanksgiving

So that time would be tomorrow. And it’s not my whole family because we lost my dad 18 years ago tomorrow. But it’s still more folks together at once than has happened in a long time.

My sister-in-law (bless her heart) is bringing chicken to cook because my husband and mom both don’t like turkey. And because if I’d cooked it–well, it’s best she’s bringing it. I’m supplying pies from a semi-nearby orchard/fir tree farm that I know will be excellent. I may not cook but I can buy good pie.


Lots to be thankful for this holiday. My brother, mother and I being together. My girls and my nieces together. My lovely sister-in-law and my husband. Even Noodle, who many of you have heard me ambivalent about–well, let’s just say we are getting there. She has a new bed now. It’s nicer than mine but who’s comparing?

I know there will be much teasing. It’s impossible for my little brother and I to be in the same space without that happening. Seeing us together seems to bring it out of my mom, especially. And all topics are safe as we are all on the same page politically. Not everyone loves Supernatural as much as I do–but then, we can’t expect perfection.

When everyone leaves I’ll take on the final editing of my upcoming holiday novel. My beta has it now and I know she’s doing an amazing job of teaching me that using ‘lift’ when I meant ‘raise’ is not something that will be tolerated.

Meanwhile, Dreamspinner press has all books on sale through November 26. Happy Early Black Friday 😀 So The Music of Love is only $4.54 for those looking for a heartfelt holiday read or early holiday shopping.

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday, good eating, good friends, family and love.