That time I forgot to mention my new book deal

So here’s the thing. I’ve had fantastic news to share for some time, but I derailed. Santa’s Last Gift will be published by Dreamspinner as part of their Dreamspun Desire imprint in December. No exact publication date yet, but we’ve gone through editing and a cover and I’m delighted. They are wonderful partners.

Why the delay in sharing the good news? Well, I had a serious illness setback. But this isn’t the journal entry where I’m going to talk about that. I’m doing okay and hope to have several more books to write and share. The situation is still ongoing so I’m tired. That means I haven’t been able to start writing about the blue-haired boy and his reticent Marine. Although they really are shouting in my head to tell their story.


There’s also the story of the beauty that met a beast that I want to offer up. Where neither the beauty nor the beast are what they seem.

Share back if you love urban fantasies. They are certainly among my personal faves.

And for those craving Noodle news – she weighs 63 pounds now and is 19 months old.

Hope your summer is shiny and bright. And if you haven’t picked up The Music of Love yet — well, it’s excellent beach reading.


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