That time I had my whole family over for Thanksgiving

So that time would be tomorrow. And it’s not my whole family because we lost my dad 18 years ago tomorrow. But it’s still more folks together at once than has happened in a long time.

My sister-in-law (bless her heart) is bringing chicken to cook because my husband and mom both don’t like turkey. And because if I’d cooked it–well, it’s best she’s bringing it. I’m supplying pies from a semi-nearby orchard/fir tree farm that I know will be excellent. I may not cook but I can buy good pie.


Lots to be thankful for this holiday. My brother, mother and I being together. My girls and my nieces together. My lovely sister-in-law and my husband. Even Noodle, who many of you have heard me ambivalent about–well, let’s just say we are getting there. She has a new bed now. It’s nicer than mine but who’s comparing?

I know there will be much teasing. It’s impossible for my little brother and I to be in the same space without that happening. Seeing us together seems to bring it out of my mom, especially. And all topics are safe as we are all on the same page politically. Not everyone loves Supernatural as much as I do–but then, we can’t expect perfection.

When everyone leaves I’ll take on the final editing of my upcoming holiday novel. My beta has it now and I know she’s doing an amazing job of teaching me that using ‘lift’ when I meant ‘raise’ is not something that will be tolerated.

Meanwhile, Dreamspinner press has all books on sale through November 26. Happy Early Black Friday 😀 So The Music of Love is only $4.54 for those looking for a heartfelt holiday read or early holiday shopping.

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday, good eating, good friends, family and love.


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