That time I wrote the obligatory year-end post II

So in honor of last year’s first such post I think I’ll stick to the top three of the previous year theme.

  1. I had my second novel, Santa’s Last Gift published.
  2. I dealt with an illness. Not going into that here and now. Maybe another post.
  3. I discovered The Mandalorian and the joy that is Baby Yoda


I know there are some naysayers. To them I say, “Humbug!” Look at that face, those eyes, that little wobble. How can you not?

Next year, there will be deliberate working on said health, and more writing. Likely a bunch of research on publishers. Might even go the independent route.

Noodle update: She’s now 25 months and weighs 68 lbs. I own a big dog. Stranger words have never been written.

A huge thanks to everyone who read my book and extra hugs for leaving a review. Watch this space for more writing news.

This is the way.


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